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O Scale - Street Details

Street Details - All

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
B101Overhead Line Pole, Taper Pipe Style (Machined Brass)
Sold Out
CS068Highway Safety Cone$3.30/6
CS069Screw Jack, Heavy Duty Car$3.30/5
CS070Manhole Cover only, Round (See CS106)$0.85
CS071Line Pole Cap, Brooklyn Style$4.80/Doz
CS084Street Lamp & Hanger, Chicago Style$3.75/Pair
CS085Street Lamp Head, Turn of The Century Type$1.70/Pair
CS086Street Lamp Hanger only
No Longer Available
CS087Line Pole Cap, Acorn (Florett) Style$5.30/Doz
CS088Traffic Light Head only$1.25
CS106Manhole Cover, Round w/Frame
Limited Stock
CS177Sewer Grate & Frame, Curb$5.05/4
CS178Sewer Grate only$2.05/4
CS179Sewer Grate & Frame, Surface$5.05/4
CS180Sewer Grate & Frame, Between Rail$5.05/4
CS181Sewer Grate only, Between Rail$2.05/4
CS182Letter Box on Post$1.00
CS300El Pillar, Cast Phoenix Column, 21' Long (5.25 Inches)
Sold Out
CS301El Pillar Base, Cast Sub-Surface Support$2.35/Pair
CS301BEl Pillar, Phoenix Column Base Top Ring$1.25/Pair
CS397El Structure Corner Brace, Contract II
Limited Stock
CS398El Structure Corner Brace, Manhattan El. Rwy.$2.20/Pair
PB118Overhead Wire, .018 X 100' Phosphor Bronze
No Longer Available
PB120Overhead Wire, .020 X 100' Phosphor Bronze
No Longer Available

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