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O Scale - Car Parts Exterior

Car Parts Exterior - Electrical

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
B031Signal, Three Light, Subway Style w/Jewels (Lost Wax Brass)
Supplied in Kit Form - only One in Stock - see CS406
B136Headlight, Mounting Bracket for B138 only$1.30
B138Headlight, Crouse Hind Imperial, North Shore w/Mount
Three in Stock
B139Headlight, Crouse Hind Imperial TMERL w/Mount
Three in Stock
B140Headlight, Lightweight Suburban w/Mount$7.15
B141Headlight, Mounting Bracket for B140 only$1.30
B142Headlight, City, Dressel Rwy w/Flange$5.50
B143Headlight, City, Crouse Hind w/Ext Beam Shade$5.50
B144Headlight, City, Crouse Hind Stablite$5.50
B148Headlight, Mounting Bracket for B139 only$1.30
B157MarkerLight, BRT Sq Elec, 4 Light, w/Jewels$20.05/4
B159Headlight, Golden Glow w/Winged Number Boards$8.20
B175Marker Light, Round Single Lens
Also See CS303
B205Marker Lights w/Jewels R17
Out of Stock - (See CS369)
CB031Signal, Three Light, Subway Style w/Jewels (White Metal)
Supplied in Kit Form - In Stock - see B031 for Photo
CS001Third Rail Chair (IRT Square)
Limited Stock
CS002Third Rail Chair (IND, BMT Round)
Limited Stock
CS031Resistor Bank, Wound Wire$1.70
CS032Control Group, Westinghouse$1.75
CS033Resistor, Westinghouse
Also see CS159
CS034Resistor, GE$3.35/5
CS035Resistor, GE, CG Form A (5 Bolt Resistor)$3.35/5
CS042Box, Battery, Metal Clad$0.75
CS043Line Switch, Main$0.70
CS044Fuse Box, Small$0.85/Pair
CS045Box, Reverser, Remote Operated$0.75
CS046Line Switch, Small$0.85
CS047Box, Wood Meter$0.75
CS059Fuse Box, Large$1.60/Pair
CS076Marker Light w/Jewels, NY Wood El Car Style$3.75/4
CS078Headlight, Hood, Kirby-Neal$1.10/Pair
CS091Resistor, GE Control Type EW2A (Kit)$3.55/3
CS092Fuse Box & Mount$1.20
CS093Fuse Box Mount only
Sold Out
CS094Resistor Protective Covers for CS33 & 34$3.40/10
CS095Box, 21 X 10 X 18$1.00
CS096Control Group, IRR$2.35
CS097Box, Battery, IRR$2.40
CS098Box, 16 X 6 X 7$0.75
CS099Box, 12 X 10 X 14$0.75
CS100Control Group, CSL MU Car$2.10
CS101Resistor, Coil Type (Kit)
Out of Stock
CS102Kicking Coil, Small$0.95/Pair
CS119BPilot, NS Truck, for 7825 trucks$3.00/Pair
CS120Fuse Box, Main, Heavy Duty Interurban$0.95/Pair
CS121Box, Wood Battery, in Metal Frame$1.00
CS124Control Group, HL Control Box & Line Switch, Type I$2.80
CS125Control Group, HL Control Box & Line Switch, Type II$2.80
CS126Control Group, HL Control Box & Line Switch, Type III$2.80
CS127Control Group, HL Control Box & Line Switch, Type IV$2.80
CS128Control Group, HL Control Box & Line Switch, Type V$2.80
CS139Motor-Generator (IRR)$1.60
CS144Third Rail Shoe Beam w/Ice Scraper, CA&E$6.05/4
CS149Ventilator, Utility Double Honeycomb$2.45/6
CS150Box, Drawbar (TMERL)
Limited Stock
CS151Line Switch w/External Handle$0.80
CS152Fuse Box, Large (TMERL)$0.95
CS155Ventilator, Perley-Thomas$4.85/Doz
CS156Stop Light, Dash Mount (TMERL)$0.70/Pair
CS157Control Group, CA&E$2.10
CS158Box, Reverser, CA&E$0.95
CS159Resistor, Westinghouse$3.35/5
CS160Interior Vestibule Partition for CSL Pullman
Limited Stock
CS162Box, Buss, w/Mount (CA&E)$0.85
CS164MU Pocket, Underfloor Type$0.95/Pair
CS165Box, Circuit Relay (CA&E)$0.85
CS166Induction Coil, Large (CA&E)$0.95/Pair
CS167MU Pocket, Small Dash Type$0.95/Pair
CS168MU Pocket, Large Type$0.95/Pair
CS169Resistor Carrier (CA&E)$5.05/Pair
CS190Traction Motor, GE #67 40 HP Dummy (Split Case)$10.60
CS191Traction Motor, GE #67 40 HP Dummy (Solid Case)$8.45
CS303Marker Light, Round Single Lens w/Jewel$4.30/4
CS332Control Group, LVT 1000 Series Cars
This was formally listed as CS380 in our catalog and price sheets.
CS334Anticlimber, Three Bar Full Wrap-Around$1.55
CS345Box, Switch, Small, Roof Mounted (Boston El)$0.85/Pair
CS364Third Rail Beams (NYCTA "SMEE")
Limited Stock - Also see B364B
CS365Third Rail Shoe Beams (LVT)$6.05/4
CS369Marker Lights, Lovell- Dressel (NYCTA)
For the Lost Wax Version (See B205)
CS371Florescent Fixture, Luminator 6' (NYCTA) (Dummy)$4.85/6
CS372Compressor, WABCO A2A "SMEE" 2CY38$6.20/Kit
CS373Line Switch, R17 and Heavy Interurban$1.35
CS374Box, Heater & Fan Control (R17)$0.75
CS375Fuse Box, Main Knife Switch$1.30
CS376Box, Control, GE M6 (R17)$0.75
CS377Box, Trickle Charger (R17)$0.70
CS378Control Group & Motor Generator, GE 17KG137E1 (SMEE)$7.55
CS380Control Box only , IRR Highspeed Cars - See CS096$2.35
CS381Control Group, Type M w/Line Sw$2.80/Set
CS390Step, Three Steps, Interurban$5.05/4
CS391PCC Roof Walk, Single Plank$2.10/Pair
CS392Fuse Box, Large$1.60/Pair
CS393Line Switch Box$0.75
CS395Third Rail Beam, CTA 1-50 & 6000$6.05/4
CS404Headlight, Crouse Hind Imperial TMERL w/Mount (White metal)
Also See B139
CS404BHeadlight, Crouse Hind Imperial TMERL w/Mount & LED Bulb (White metal)
Out of Stock - See CS404 or B139
CS406Signal, Three Light, Subway Style w/Jewels (White Metal)
Out of Stock - Supplied in Kit Form - see B031

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Car Parts Exterior - Electrical - Trolley Poles

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
B109Trolley Pole Wheel Harp only, 6" dia x 3" Wide (NMRA Standard)$5.60/Each
B110Trolley Pole Wheel Harp only, 5.5 Dia X 1.5" Wide (Scale Size)$5.60/Each
B113Trolley Pole Swivel Slider Shoe only, Used on Trolley Coach Poles$7.95/Each
B115Trolley Pole Slider Shoe only$5.60/Each
B120Trolley Pole, Four Spring Horizontal w/Wheel$37.45/Pair
B121Trolley Pole, Four Spring Horizontal w/Slider$37.45/Pair
B125Trolley Pole, Four Spring Vertical w/Wheel$37.45/Pair
B125BTrolley Pole, TWO Spring Vertical w/Wheel$37.45/Pair
B126Trolley Pole, Four Spring Vertical w/Slider$37.45/Pair
B126BTrolley Pole, TWO Spring Vertical w/Slider$37.45/Pair
B127Trolley Pole, Four Spring Vertical w/Swivel Slider Shoe$42.30/Pair
B127BTrolley Pole, TWO Spring Vert. w/Swivel Slider$42.30/Pair
B130Trolley Pole, Four Spring Back w/Wheel$37.45/Pair
B131Trolley Pole, Four Spring Back w/Slider$37.45/Pair
B149Trolley Pole Hook, Short Outside Loop$5.35/Pair
B150Trolley Pole Hook, Tall Inside Loop$5.35/Pair
B151Trolley Pole Hook, Short Inside Loop$5.35/Pair
B152Trolley Pole Hook, BRT Low Flat Outside Loop$5.35/Pair
B153Trolley Pole Hook PCC, Tall Inside Loop w/Brace$5.35/Pair
MF020Trolley Pole Springs, .064 X .425"$1.50/4

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Car Parts Exterior - Decals

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
DE020Decals, Chicago Transit Authority Heralds$1.65/Pair
DE021Decals, Chicago Surface Lines Complete Set$4.35
DE022Decals, CSL Heralds only$0.85
DE025Decals, CSL Numbers$1.40/4
DE026Decals, Connecticut Co Complete Set, Red$4.50
DE028Decals, CSL One Man Car Headlight Stripe$1.45/2
DE029Decals, Silver Stripes, 1/64"$1.40

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Car Parts Exterior - Hardware

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
B094Pipe Tee, 2"$2.80/Each
B095Channel Handrail Mounting Plate (As used on some steeplecabs)$2.80/Each
B096Handrail Flange Support, Base Holder
Sold Out - See CS408
B097Flag Post Holder (Lost Wax)$4.70/Pair
B154Retriever, City Cars (Lost Wax Brass)
See CS054
B155Retriever, Knudsen 5B, HD Interurban Cars (Lost Wax Brass)
See CS118
B156Post, Short Round Handrail
No Longer Available - Substitute CS004
B160Providence Wheel Guard, Wire Basket Type
Six Sets in Stock
B162Bell (Lost Wax)$17.75/Each
B163Hinge (Lost Wax Brass)
While the supply lasts - will not be re-run.
B170Post, Handrail Tubular Short$3.20
B171Post, Handrail Tubular Corner Short w/Cap$4.15
B172Cap, Corner Post only$0.95
B186Stepboard Suppport for Class I Steeplecab$8.90/Pair
CB317Steeplecab Front Step Brackets Class I (Lost Wax Brass)
Sold Out
CB318Steeplecab Step Board Brackets Class II (Lost Wax Brass)
Sold Out
CS003Pole Base, Round$1.00/Pair
CS004Handrail Post, Ball Type (See B156)$0.95/6
CS005Flag Post Holder$0.85/Pair
CS006Ladder, Utl. Double Rung Under Floor$1.80/4
CS007Bumper Brackets (Used on Wason Express Motor)$1.80/4
CS008Bumper, Angle Iron$1.80/Pair
CS011Platform Gate, BRT El, Set of 2 Side & 2 End$4.50/Set
CS013Step, Double Open (As used BRT El Cars)$2.05/4
CS015Deck Handrail Flange Type Support
No Longer Available -Substitute B096 or CS408
CS016Ventilator, Utility New-Era Small$4.85/Doz
CS017Ventilator, Utility New-Era Large
Limited Stock
CS020Ventilator, Utility Two-Way Intake, Arch Roof$4.85/Doz
CS021Ventilator, Utility Exhaust for Arch Roof$4.85/Doz
CS022Roof Mat, 16 Slats, 48 X 60$1.60
CS023Roof Mat, 10 Slats, 18 X 45$1.25/Pair
CS024Pole Base, Large$0.95/Pair
CS026Pole Base, Small$0.95/Pair
CS027Ventilator, Utility Compensating Intake$1.60/Pair
CS028Ventilator, Utility Monitor Roof$4.85/Doz
CS029Ventilator, Globe$4.85/Doz
CS053Platform Gate, Man. El, Set of 2 Sides & 2 Ends$4.50
CS054Retriever, City Cars$0.95/Pair
CS055Universal Life Guards, Single Ended Cars$5.05/Set
CS055BUniversal Life Guards, Single Ended Cars PCC Cars
See CS055 for illustration
CS056Universal Life Guards, Double Ended Cars
See CS055 for illustration
CS056BUniversal Life Guards, Double Ended PCC Cars
See CS055 for illustration
CS065Anticlimber, 9 X 12$1.00
CS072Ventilator, Utility Round Jet$4.80/Doz
CS104Needle Beam Support$3.55/Pair
CS110Buffer Gates, End, IRT Post War, Extended
Out of Stock
CS110BBuffer Gates, End , IRT Post War, Compressed$10.00/Set
CS118Retriever, Knudsen 5B, HD Interurban Type
See B155
CS119APilot, NS Truck, for 8430 Trucks
No Longer Available - see CB119A or CB119B
CS123Roof Mat, 12 Slats, 21 X 42$1.25/Pair
CS148Step, Single (Conn. Co.1900 Type)$2.05/4
CS163Brake Wheel Assembly, Underfloor (CA&E)$1.35/Set
CS171Line Switch (CA&E)$1.00
CS172Step, Single Stirrup Style l6" High$2.05/4
CS173Roof Mat, 5 Slats, 21 X 26$1.00/Pair
CS174Roof Mat, 3 Legs, 5 Slats, 26 X 29$1.00/Pair
CS175Clearstory Roof Platform 2 Slats$1.20/Pair
CS176External Dash Sign Bulb Cover$0.85/Pair
CS306Steeplecab Roof Walk w/Pole Bases, I & II
Sold Out
CS307Steeplecab Traction Weights, I & II
Sold Out
CS308Steeplecab Cab Floor, Class II$5.45
CS309Steeplecab Cab Floor, Class I$7.35
CS310Steeplecab Main Floor Channel Beam
Sold Out
CS311Steeplecab Bumper, Class I, 9'6" Wide$2.85/Pair
CS312Steeplecab Bumper, Class II, 8'6" Wide$2.85/Pair
CS313Steeplecab Bolster, Class I$3.40/Pair
CS314Steeplecab Bolster, Class II
Sold Out
CS315Steeplecab Front Step Boards w/Brackets, Class I - White Metal$7.45/Pair
CS316Steeplecab Front Step Boards w/Brass Brackets, Class II (LWB)$13.80/Pair
CS317Steeplecab Front Step Brackets Class I, White Metal
See CB317 for illustration
CS318Steeplecab Step Board Brackets Class II, White Metal (LWB)
Out of Stock - Lost Wax Brass Brackets - White Metal Step Boards
CS320Steeplecab Ladder Step Plate, Class I & II
Also See CB320
CS321Steeplecab Chain Pulley Mount$0.60
CS322Steeplecab Windows, Class I & II$1.60/Pair
CS323Steeplecab Equipment Box, Steel, Class II$0.95
CS324Steeplecab Fuse Box, Roof Mount
See CS392 for illustration
CS325Steeplecab Headlight Mount, Class I & II$1.00/Pair
CS326Steeplecab Sand Hatch, Class I & II$1.00/Pair
CS327Steeplecab Hood Plate Vent Class I & II$1.60/Pair
CS328Steeplecab Bell Mount, Class I & II
For Additional Steeplecab parts see PS006 & PS007
CS333PCC Retreiver$0.95/Pair
CS342Seat, Bench, Small,Three Passenger, PCC$1.65
CS353Seat, Convertible Wood Slat w/Heater$1.65
CS354Stool, Motormans$0.95/Pair
CS355PCC Roof Walk$2.10
CS356PCC Pole Platform$1.30
CS357PCC Roof Cowling, Pullman$8.35/ Set
CS358PCC Roof Cowling, St. Louis Post War$8.35/ Set
CS359Ventilator, PCC Auxiliary$1.45/Pair
CS368Door Threshold, R1 to R42 (Pewter)$3.35/6
CS383Wind Guards ("Modesty Panels"), CTA Type, Large$8.65/Eight
CS385Pilot, 13.5 X 84 - 22 Round Spokes$1.55/Pair
CS386Air Horn, Single Unit R10-R62 (NYCTA) (White Metal)$1.45/Pair
CS387Pilot, 13.5 X 78 -11 Round Spokes$1.55/Pair
CS388Ventilator, Utility New-Era, Flat Roof Design$4.85/Doz
CS389Step, Two Steps, Interurban$5.05/4
CS399Ventilator, Mushroom$4.85/Doz
CS403Step, Folding, Double Door$2.05/4
CS407Gate, LoV, Folded
Limited Stock
CS408Handrail Flanges (Base Plates)$1.60/6

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Car Parts Exterior - Hardware - Couplers

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD)
B049Coupler, Tomlinson Radius Bar only (Lost Wax Brass)
Never Made
B079Coupler, Van Dorn with Link (Lost Wax Coupler)
Limited Stock
B133Coupler Shank only, North Shore (Lost Wax Brass)
Includes One Coupler
B134Coupler Carrier only, North Shore (Lost Wax)
Includes One Radius Bar
B135Coupler, North Shore w/Spring Hanger & Carrier (Lost Wax)
Set Includes One Coupler - One Radius Bar
CB010Coupler, Radial, North Shore (All White Metal)$6.55/Pair
CB010ACoupler, Radial, USRA Railroad Style (All White Metal)
Use where a larger USRA Style Coupler Is Needed - Will Only Mate With Itself
CB010BCoupler, Radius Bar Only (All White Metal)
Limited Stock
CB011Coupler, Tomlinson, Radial, w/Bottom Box$6.55/Pair
CB011BCoupler, Tomlinson, Radial w/Side Box$6.55/Pair
CB011CCoupler, Tomlinson, CA&E (Lost Wax Brass)
Never Made
CB011DCoupler, Tomlinson, CA&E Lost Wax-White Metal Combo, Operating
Special Order
CB011ECoupler, Tomlinson, PCC (Lost Wax), Operating
Special Order- Can take up to four weeks for delivery.
CB011FCoupler, Tomlinson, PCC Lost Wax-White Metal Combo, Operating
Special Order- Can take up to four weeks for delivery.
CB320Steeplecab Ladder Step Plate, Class I & II (Lost Wax Brass)$8.75/4
CB362BCoupler, Wab H2A w/Radius Bar (Lost Wax Brass)
In Stock
CB362CCoupler, Wab H2A (Knuckle Adapter - Lost Wax Brass)
Non Scale - Used To Couple "R" Type Subway Cars
CB362DCoupler, Tinplate WAB H2A, Non-Operating (Lost Wax Brass)
Out of Stock - Special Order - See also CS362D
CS079Coupler, Van Dorn with Link
For Lost Wax Version See B079
CS080Coupler Support, Manhattan El Car$1.70/Pair
CS080BCoupler Support, BRT El Car Pair$1.70/Pair
CS081Queenpost Beam Support w/Cross Truss Rod$3.55/Pair
CS082Coupler, Tomlinson, w/Bottom Contact Box$3.95/Pair
CS082BCoupler, Tomlinson, w/Side Contact Box$3.95/Pair
CS083Coupler, Tomlinson Bottom Contact Box only$1.10/Pair
CS083BCoupler, Tomlinson Side Contact Box only$1.10/4
CS105Coupler Support (As used on NW El Car)$1.75/Pair
CS145BCoupler Shank with Hanger, Railroad Style Head
Use where a larger USRA Style Cpoupler Is Needed - Will Only Mate With Itself
CS361Coupler, WAB Type H2 w/Radius Bar (White Metal)
The epoxy version of this item is no longer made.
CS362Coupler, WAB Type H2A w/Radius Bar (White Metal)
The epoxy version of this item is no longer made.
CS362DCoupler, Tinplate WAB H2A, Non-Operating (White Metal)
For Lost Wax Version See CB362D

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