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Q-Car Company, Inc.

7028 Little Creek Road. Bangor, PA 18013-4140


     Welcome to our web listing. We offer O Scale traction products of distinction for all phases of traction modeling. There are more than 850 illustrations presented here of our products that we hope are helpful to you in your modeling efforts. Your comments and recommendations about this site, and our products are always welcomed.

     To obtain a FREE PDF copy of our current Non-Illustrated Product Listing please email us  contact@qcarcompany.com and we will send you a copy via return email.


Prices at this web site are subject to change without notice.

     Most parts are in stock, but there are times when unexpected demand for an item will cause it to go out of stock. As most of you know, because of the vast number of truck possibilities we do not stock power or trailer trucks. These are made to order. Delivery is dependent on shop load, and parts availability. As of 4/14/24 trucks are on a MINIMUM of a twelve to fourteen week delivery schedule. Car powering takes a little longer.

     All part and truck orders must be pre-paid. In stock parts orders are being shipped in about one week. Email us with your list and we will return a net due invoice. Paypal is no longer accepted.

Special Note:

     Please consider INSURANCE for your orders. If you don't and the shipment is lost or damaged the loss will be yours.

For complete ordering information you can go to our Ordering page.

For complete information on all your ordering options you can go to our Ordering page.


     With apologies to tinplate or highrail operators, our trucks and car drives are designed for
O Scale Overhead, or Two Rail operation. We do not make trucks suitable for three rail operation.

R9 at Smith & 9th

     For current pricing proceed to Product Listings.

     Our email address is: contact@qcarcompany.com.

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