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Shipping & Handling Charges

Effective 1 October 2015 the following shipping rates and rules will apply to all orders.

Non-Insured Shipping

Domestic Orders

  • 1. Parts orders - $7.50
  • 2. Truck or Car orders $10.50

If you combine parts with a truck or car order only ONE shipping charge applies - $9.50.

The above rates will include Delivery Confirmation (Tracking Status) at no additional charge but NOT Insurance. For insured orders see the chart below.

Un-Insured Canadian Orders

  • 1. Parts orders - $10.50
  • 2. Truck or Car orders $12.50

If you combine parts with a truck or car order only ONE shipping charge applies - the truck charge.

There is NO tracking or Insurance available on Canadian Orders using First-Class Mail® International. This class of delivery is available on Parcels up to 4 pounds. Above 4 pounds Priority Mail® International must be used.

Registered Canadian Orders

  • First Class International - Add $16.45 to the above shipping cost
  • Priority Mail International - For these contact us

  • Insured shipments now require Priority Mail shipment which is rather pricey.

If you need Overseas Rates or if you have any questions please contact us.

Postal Insurance Rates - Domestic ONLY

     Insured Mail Provides coverage against loss or damage. Items must not be insured for more than their value. The amount of insurance coverage for loss will be the actual value. No claim payments are made for sentimental losses or for any expenses incurred as a result of the loss.

     Please select the proper amount of insurance. This can be determined by totaling your order. Q-Car Company, Inc. will not be held responsible for orders damaged or lost during shipment. If you decline insurance you are responsible for any shipping damage or loss.

    If you send us a car for converting or a truck for repair, estimate the cost to replace the item if it were lost or damaged in transit. That will determine how much to insure your order. If it is something that can't be replaced then put a value on it that would satisfy it's loss. Don't forget to include the value of the work we will be doing for you (new truck, or truck installation, etc.).

Insured Shipping Fees

      Insurance Coverage Desired    Fee in addition to postage

            0.01   to 50.00                         2.20
            50.01  to 100.00                        2.75
            100.01 to 200.00                        3.50
            200.01 to 300.00                        4.60  
            300.01 to 400.00                        5.80
            400.01 to 500.00                        7.00 
            500.01 to 600.00                        9.45
            600.01 to 700.00                       10.75
            700.01 to 800.00                       12.05
            800.01 to 900.00                       13.35
            900.01 to 1,000.00                     14.65

$14.65 plus $1.30 for each $100 or fraction thereof over $1,000 in desired coverage.

$5000 is maximum coverage.

     Insurance fees are in addition to our standard shipping charges indicated above.

PayPal Postal Insurance Rates

Domestic Shipments Only

To be able to add Shipping Insurance to a Domestic PayPal order please go to:

PayPal Insured Shipping Fees


These are United States Postal Service insurance fees - not ours.

PLEASE NOTE: If you pay for insurance, and we neglect to insure your shipment we will be responsible for its safe delivery to you. If it is lost or damaged and you insured it, we will replace it.

Just remember the converse is true - if you don't insure and a loss or damage occurs WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE.

Shipping charges are for each shipment - not each item.

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