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O Scale - Car Parts

Car Parts - Finishing Detail Sets

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD) Add To Cart
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DS000Due to stock limitations we may have to substitute parts in any of these kits.  
DS111Finishing Kit, Connecticut Co. 1900$136.80
DS112Finishing Kit, CSL Pullman 101-700$93.60
DS113Finishing Kit, Connecticut Co l85-199$123.45
DS114Finishing Kit, CRT 4000 Elevated Car$105.25
DS115Finishing Kit, Bklyn 8000 Peter Witt$96.95
DS116Finishing Kit, CSL MU Car$90.00
DS117Finishing Kit, CSL Safety Car$84.50
DS118Finishing Kit, Wason Express Motor$67.30
DS119Finishing Kit, Union Traction-Ind. Rwy$126.55
DS120Finishing Kit, North Shore (Coach)$166.70
DS127Finishing Kit, IRR Highspeed$87.95
DS128Finishing Kit, PCC, Double Ended SEPTA$91.85
DS129Finishing Kit, PCC, Double Ended MUNI$96.50
DS130Finishing Kit, Boston El.RWY 6100-6299
Vestibule Partitions No Longer Included
DS131Finishing Kit, Philadelphia & West Chester (SEPTA)$87.30
DS132Finishing Kit, Philadelphia 8000 Peter Witt$66.20
DS133Finishing Kit, Houghton Cty Interurban$77.35
DS135Finishing Kit, R17 IRT Subway Car
Sold Out
DS136Interior Kit, LoV IRT Subway Car
Vestibule Partitions Now Included
DS137Finishing Kit, Single Truck Birney$79.25
DS138Finishing Kit, Double Truck Birney$86.85
DS139Finishing Kit, Double Truck Birney$86.20
DS140Finishing Kit, Boston Type IV$89.50
DS141Finishing Kit, Boston Type V$88.15
DS142Finishing Kit, Philadelphia & West Chester (SEPTA)$93.60
DS144Interior Kit, CTA 5-50 w/Controls$47.40
DS145Interior Kit, CTA 6000-6798 w/Controls$81.70
DS146Finishing Kit, Boston Brill$87.30
DS147Finishing Kit, LVT 1000$64.15
DS148Finishing Kit, PRT 4000 Hog Island$82.00
DS149Interior Kit, PRT Nearside Interior$28.10
DS150Interior Kit, CSL Nearside Interior$29.95
DS151AFinishing Kit, CA&E Pullman (No Partitions or Pilots)$168.05
DS151BFinishing Kit, CA&E Pullman (NO Interior with Poles)$127.15
DS151CFinishing Kit, CA&E Pullman (No Interior No Poles)$94.70
DS151DFinishing Kit, CA&E Pullman (No Interior, Poles, Couplers or Headlight)$50.95
DS152Finishing Kit, Brooklyn 6000$79.55
DS153Finishing Kit, Chicago Northwestern Elevated Motor Car$83.20
DS155Finishing Kit, Dayton & Troy #201$67.40
DS156Finishing Kit, CSL Turtleback 1502-1720$85.55
DS157Finishing Kit, Osgood Bradley Master Unit$94.65
DS158Finishing Kit, TMERL 1100$119.45
DS159Finishing Kit, CSL 1100 (Matchbox Car)$85.70
DS160Finishing Kit, North Shore Freight Motor$110.70
DS161Finishing Kit, Cincinnati Curved Side #2400-2474$85.65
DS162Finishing Kit, Pacific Electric 600$115.35
DS163Interior Kit, CRT 5000$68.55
DS164Finishing Kit, LVT 800 Series Interurban$140.15
DS165Finishing Kit, LVT #C5 Freight Motor$119.65
DS166Finishing Kit, NS 351-360$100.75
DS167Finishing Kit, BQT 4100 DE Semi Convertible$109.30
DS168Finishing Kit, North Shore (Combine)$156.85
DS169Finishing Kit, NYCTA Q Type Motor Car
Single Car
DS170Interior Kit, NOPS Car$33.15
DS171Finishing Kit, Baltimore Semi-Convertible 5645-5744$96.10
DS172Finishing Kit, Vancouver Brill Semi-Convertible$99.05
DS173Finishing Kit, CSL 3000-6000 Series Car$93.95
DS174Finishing Kit, PRT & PTC 5200 Series Car$95.20
DS175Finishing Kit, Hersey Transit Co 4-7 Series Car$106.35

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Car Parts - PCC Finishing Detail Sets

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD) Add To Cart
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DS121Finishing Kit, PCC, Type I, Brooklyn, Kansas City, St Louis 1600$60.20
DS122Finishing Kit, PCC, Type II Philly$62.55
DS123Finishing Kit, PCC, Type III Baltimore$61.70
DS124Finishing Kit, PCC, Type IV Pitts.1000$61.00
DS125Finishing Kit, PCC, Type V Pitts. 1600 & 1700$61.60
DS126Finishing Kit, PCC, Type VI Minn.$60.60
DS134Finishing Kit, PCC, Type IX Chicago Pre-War$56.90
DS143Finishing Kit, PCC, Type X, Chicago Post-War$57.90
DS154Finishing Kit, PCC, Type XI, PE Double Ended$76.55

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Car Parts - Underbody Sets Sets

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD) Add To Cart
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UB100Underbody Set, CRT 4000 El Car$20.50
UB101Underbody Set, CSL 101-700 Pullman$9.35
UB102Underbody Set, Brooklyn 8000 Peter Witt$14.05
UB103Underbody Set, CSL MU Car$11.80
UB104Underbody Set, Osgood-Bradley (Master Unit)$10.45
UB105Underbody Set, LVT 1000$21.35
UB106Underbody Set, IRR Highspeed$26.45
UB107Underbody Set, Northshore$19.35
UB108Underbody Set, Union-Traction Indiana RR$19.60
UB109Underbody Set, East. Mass. St. Rwy$12.85
UB110Underbody Set, CSL Safety Car, Double Truck$8.50
UB111Underbody Set, Connecticut Co. 1900$10.35
UB112Underbody Set, TMERL 900 Series$16.95
UB113Underbody Set, Chicago Aurora & Elgin$30.25
UB114Underbody Set, Connecticut Co 185-199$7.90
UB115Underbody Set, Bowser Brill Car$7.90
UB116Underbody Set, Wason Express Motor$9.10
UB117Underbody Set, Boston Elevated Center Entrance Car$9.00
UB118Underbody Set, Philadelphia & West Chester Center Door$9.00
UB119Underbody Set, Philadelphia Peter Witt$11.70
UB120Underbody Set, Houghton County$9.35
UB121Underbody Set, IRT R17 Subway Car$27.50
UB122Underbody Set, Double Truck Birney$8.70
UB147Underbody Set, Washington-Baltimore & Annapolis
UB123Underbody Set, Philidelphia & West Chester 17.44$17.00
UB124Underbody Set, IND R1-9 Subway Car$28.30
UB125Underbody Set, Boston Type V$10.00
UB126Underbody Set, Chicago Northwestern Elevated Motor Car$19.65
UB127Underbody Set, Dayton & Troy #201$9.10
UB128Underbody Set, Milwaukee Duplex$25.50
UB129Underbody Set, CSL 1502-1720 Turtleback$9.95
UB130Underbody Set, TMERL 1100$25.35
UB131Underbody Set, North Shore Series 23-28$8.15
UB132Underbody Set, Lake Shore Electric Coach or Combine (LaBelle)$16.85
UB132BUnderbody Set, LSE Coach/Combine (LaBelle)$15.70
UB133Underbody Set, New Orleans Public Service$5.20
UB134Underbody Set, San Diego 400 Series$17.70
UB135Underbody Set, Cincinnati Curved Side #2400-2474$10.05
UB136Underbody Set, LVT800$18.15
UB137Underbody Set, LVT C5 Freight Motor
Same as UB136
UB138Underbody Set, SEPTA Bullet 200-209$16.00
UB139Underbody Set, BMT Q Type Trailer Car
Single Car
UB140Underbody Set, Brooklyn DE 4100 Semi-Conv$10.50
UB141Underbody Set, BMT Q Type Motor Car
Single Car
UB142Underbody Set, Baltimore 5645-5744$12.00
UB143Underbody Set, CSL 3000-6000$9.45
UB144Underbody Set, CSL (Odd17) Car$9.45
UB145Underbody Set, Osaka Electric RR, DEBO1$21.15
UB146Underbody Set, Interboro Rapid Transit LoV$22.90
UB147Underbody Set, Washington-Baltimore & Annapolis$31.65
UB148Underbody Set, Cleveland 4000
UB149Underbody Set, Cleveland 5000 Articulated
UB150Underbody Set, Cincinnati Hamilton & Dayton 100 Series Cars
UB151Underbody Set, Northern Ohio Kuhlman 1501-1530 Series Car$17.70
UB152Underbody Set, Lake Shore Electric 170$22.45

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Car Parts - Misc. Hardware

Item Number Item Description Item Price (USD) Add To Cart
PayPal only
N0114Hex Nuts, 2-56 Brass$7.55/Doz
N0124Hex Nuts, 2-56 Steel$2.55/Doz
N1245Hex Nuts, 2-56 Steel Elastic Stop$6.55/Half Doz
S11105Screws, 2-56 X 3/8" Brass Round Head$7.20/Doz
S11107Screws, 2-56 X 1/2" Brass Round Head$7.20/Doz
S11108Screws, 2-56 X 5/8" Brass Round Head$7.20/Doz
S11109Screws, 2-56 X 3/4" Brass Round Head
Limited Supply - will not be re-ordered see - S11709
S11609Screws, 2-56 X 3/4" Brass Pan Head
Out of Stock - will not be re-ordered see - S11709
S11709Screws, 2-56 X 3/4" Brass Philips Pan Head
New Item
S11710Screws, 2-56 X 1" Brass Philips Pan Head
New Item
S12101Screws, 2-56 X 1/8" Steel Round Head$3.50/Doz
S12102Screws, 2-56 X 3/16 Steel Round Head$3.50/Doz
S12103Screws, 2-56 X 1/4" Steel Round Head$3.50/Doz
S12104Screws, 2-56 X 5/16" Steel Round Head$3.50/Doz
S12105Screws, 2-56 X 3/8" Steel Round Head$3.50/Doz
S12107Screws, 2-56 X 1/2" Steel Round Head$3.50/Doz
S12201Screws, 2-56 X 1/8" Steel Flat Head$3.50/Doz
S12202Screws, 2-56 X 3/16" Steel Flat Head$3.50/Doz
S12203Screws, 2-56 X 1/4" Steel Flat Philips Head$3.50/Doz
S12205Screws, 2-56 X 3/8" Steel Flat Head$3.50/Doz
S12206Screws, 2-56 X 7/16 Steel Flat Head
No Longer Available - See S12207 as a Substitute
S12207Screws, 2-56 X 1/2 Steel Flat Head
New Item
S12209Screws, 2-56 X 3/4" Steel Flat Head$3.50/Doz
S12602Screws, 2-56 X 3/16 Steel Pan Head$3.50/Doz
S12605Screws, 2-56 X 3/8" Steel Pan Philips Head$3.50/Doz
S22103Screws, 3-48 X 1/4" Steel Flat Head$3.50/Doz
S22107Screws, 3-48 X1/2" Steel Round Head$6.55/Doz
S22201Screws, 3-48 X 1/8" Steel Flat Head$3.50/Doz
S22202Screws, 3-48 X 3/16" Steel Flat Head$3.50/Doz
S22307Screws, 3-48 X 1/2" Steel Filister Head
Trailer Truck Bolster Screw
S22607Screws, 3-48 X 1/2" Steel Pan Head$7.55/Doz
S22609Screws, 3-48 X 3/4" Steel Pan Head$7.55/Doz
S32110Screws, 4-40 X 1" Steel Round Head$6.55/Doz
S32111Screws, 4-40 X 1 1/8" Steel Round Head$6.55/Doz
S32112Screws, 4-40 X 1 1/4" Steel Round Head$6.55/Doz
S32113Screws, 4-40 X 1 1/2" Steel Round Head$6.55/Doz
W0021Washers, 1/4" OD X 1/16" ID Brass#2
Out of Stock - See W0022
W0022Washers, 1/4" OD X 1/16" ID Stainless Steel#2$2.35/Doz
W0042Washers, 5/16" X 3/32" ID Brass #4$3.60/Doz

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