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Q-Car MT010UF Power Truck
Installation   (NEW)

The following photos and descriptions are provided by the Q-Car Company, Inc.

The MT010UF Truck

UF_Birney_Truck_T_04 UF_Birney_Truck_T_05

Mounting the Q-Car Company MT10UF Truck

For instructions on disassembling your Birney car please go to Disassembly of the Birney Car and Q-Car Power Installation. What follows here assumes you have dismantled your model. Please note that if you don't plan on changing the trolley poles you do NOT have to remove the upper floor to mount the lower floor after you install the MT010UF truck. It fits underfloor.

UF_Birney_T_01 UF_Birney_T_02 UF_Birney_T_03

Once you have the lower floor removed from the car you will have to pry the original truck from the floor. Aside from the screw holding the truck to the floor Corgi® has inexplicably cemented it in place. Care must be taken NOT to crack the floor in half. Use a prying motion with a small spade screwdriver on all sides of the truck. DON'T TRY TO PRY IT LOOSE FROM ONE LOCATION. Pry a little - move a little. Pry a little - move a little; eventually you will break the glue bond, but be patient or you will damage the floor.

Once the original truck is removed the rest of the truck mounting is pretty simple. The photos that follow contain captions explaing the process. Click on the thumbnails to see these captions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

UF_Birney_T_06 UF_Birney_T_07 UF_Birney_T_12

The "UF" truck has a weight limit of 14 ounces. The Birney car with the Q-Car power truck, as shown on this web page, weighs in at 13.1 ounces.

UF_Birney_T_19 UF_Birney_T_18 UF_Birney_T_08

Information on how to mount our trolley poles, or any NMRA standard pole to this car is included here. Keep in mind if you are operating two rail you do not have to change the stock poles, unless you want the look of a scale pole. For more general information about pole mounting please go to either or both of the following pages:

UF_Birney_T_15 UF_Birney_T_10 UF_Birney_T_11

Beginning 17 March 2006 we will provide Flat Head screws for mounting the 79E truck to your models. You must countersink this screw into the lower floor for the lower floor to re-mount back into the car with the upper floor in place. If you use the previously provided Pan Head screws, you will have to cut clearance holes into the upper floor to clear the heads of the Pan Head screws.

UF_Birney_T_13 UF_Birney_T_09 UF_Birney_T_14
UF_Birney_T_16 UF_Birney_T_17 UF_Birney_T_20
UF_Birney_T_21 UF_Birney_T_22 UF_Birney_T_23

Q-Car Company, Inc. 15 Mar 2006

For more information about ordering either our MT10LP or MT010UF truck click here.

All photos copyright Q-Car Company, Inc.

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